Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend

As a huge Star Wars nerd, I knew that I had to try my best to get into at least one of the races being held during the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at the Disneyland Resort. But in all honesty I was hoping to get into the Rebel Challenge (10k + half marathon) and the Star Wars 5k. Yes, I wanted to do ALL the races. When I ran the Disneyland Half I was able to get online after the Dumbo Double Dare sold out. So I missed that challenge. When I ran the Tinker Bell 10k and Tinker Bell Half this year they did not have a challenge. And with the Avengers Weekend not having a challenge I knew that I HAD to get in for the Star Wars Weekend.

When runDisney announced the registration date I got nervous because I work on Tuesdays and there is no way for me to get on a computer. So I started casually asking around if anyone wanted to pick-up my shift, although I did not tell them the real reason why. Luckily for me someone wanted the extra hours so I was able to get the day off. And it all worked out in the end because I was able to register for all the races before the Rebel Challenge sold out in the record time of 26 minutes.  I am beyond excited to participate in these races.

I'm in!!

I’m in!!

May the course be with me!

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